The capacity of the Shusky district is far from exhausted

The capacity of the Shusky district is far from exhausted

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Akim of Zhambyl region Berdibek Saparbayev made a working trip to Shu district, visited educational and health facilities, industrial, agricultural and road construction enterprises.

The first object of the visit was the special economic zone Taraz Chemical Park located on 505 hectares. SEZ was created to attract direct investments, opening 16 high-tech chemical production facilities. The cost of the project is 37.2 billion tenge.

Currently, only one plant of CHEM-Plus LLP operates, which has produced 1.7 billion tenge worth of products. Work is underway to implement six more projects worth a total of 631.9 billion tenge.

— In seven years since the start of the SEZ, only one production facility has been launched! You have compiled a list of problems for me to solve, while you cannot do your job. First show me some results, and then ask for help, — Berdibek Saparbayev did not hide his disappointment.      

Construction of a sugar plant worth 99 billion tenge with a capacity of 150 thousand tons of sugar per year is beginning in the SEZ, which may close one third of Kazakhstan’s demand. However, investors need about one million tonnes of sugar beet annually, while the resulting harvest barely exceeds 120,000 tonnes. That’s why K-Agro is asking for 5,000 hectares of irrigated land suspended from the Tasotkel Main Canal. Moreover, the investor proposes to take the canal under trust management.

The regional akim is concerned about another question: will other downstream farms not be affected? In short, the proposal requires careful analysis.

All the more so since the condition of the Tasotkel Reservoir itself raises many questions. Designed for 620 million cubic meters of water, today it can accumulate only 500 million.

— We need to learn how to collect water and use it at the right time, vegetative. At the same time, today, up to two billion cubic meters of moisture simply dissolve in myynkum sands. Therefore, we will solve the issue with the construction of three new water reservoirs, — said the Akim of the region.

In total, the Tasotkel Reservoir feeds three main canals, which deliver water to 93 water management channels. Last year, more than 108 million cubic meters of moisture was allocated to farmers’ needs.

Because of worn-out canals, water is not fully supplied to 11 thousand hectares of land of peasant farms and settlements. Due to the lack of crop rotation, irrigation lands are gradually degraded, yields are reduced, which negatively affects the supply of the region with own vegetables and other food.

All this led to the start of reconstruction of the second stage of the Tasotkel Reservoir, which will increase its capacity to its design capacity. In this case, it will be possible to increase the area of irrigated land in the Shu district from the current 27.5 thousand hectares to 36.5 thousand hectares. Naturally, provided that the irrigation network is put in order.

During the detour Berdibek Saparbayev got acquainted with the activities of the central district hospital and polyclinic, located in the village of Zhana zhol with a dairy shop.

He also visited KazIrAgro LLP for the production of safflower oil. The company stands firmly on its feet, exports its products to Europe and Asia. The problem is only in raw materials, last year local peasants received a very low harvest and many people generally refused to sow safflower. Now entrepreneurs buy it in Russia and hope that the situation in the local fields will change for the better.

A pilot project to increase income with a squeaky voice is being implemented in the Zhanakogamsk Rural District, but is progressing. Only a third of the district’s residents have joined the “Omar Shu” cooperative so far. Here, as well as in other pilot districts, local peasants buy cattle in neighboring districts, which does not affect the increase of the population in the whole oblast. The regional akim pointed out this omission and urged villagers to be more active in gardening.

— In June-July, we will gather all the rural districts where the pilot project is being implemented and study how much it has helped people increase their incomes, — the regional head said.

Berdibek Saparbayev also visited the secondary school in the village named after D. Kunaev, where they are going to make major repairs, and the bi sports complex under construction in Tole village. The last object aroused indignation of the akim with its value.

The Palace of Celebrations, which is being built between the village of Tole bi and the town of Shu, caused the same outrage of the head of the region. By and large, there is no need for it. Therefore, the regional akim believes that it should be re-profiled as another institution, such as the Palace of Schoolchildren.

At the final meeting with the district asset Berdibek Saparbayev drew the attention of district authorities to the following points.

Akimats should be given every assistance in order to restore the production and bring it to its designed capacity.

Attracting investment in agriculture tends to zero. The district akimat is not engaged in development of SEZ Khimpark Taraz. It is necessary to strengthen work in these directions.

The main thing is that this year’s social indicators are not lower than last year’s.

— The potential of the Shuzka district is far from exhausted. To implement 79 projects, 8.8 billion tenge were allocated to the district, which should be mastered in time. The mass media and social networks published 19 critical reports on Shu district, but there was no reaction to them. We need to establish effective feedback from the population and promptly solve the problems voiced, — Berdibek Saparbayev said.


Photo: press service of akim of Zhambyl region