PRESS RELEASE EIA PUBLIC HEARING (environmental impact assessment)

PRESS RELEASE EIA PUBLIC HEARING (environmental impact assessment)

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United Chemical Company LLP , together with Norinco Group considered the possibility of realization of investment project “Construction of a chemical complex for production of ammonia and urea” (hereinafter – the Project) in the territory of SEZ Chemical Park Taraz.

In accordance with p. 4 Article 20 of Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on 25th of October of this year, in Tole Bi village of Shu District chaired by Acting Akim of Shu District A. A. Balqybekova were held in an open meeting of the public hearings on preliminary environmental impact assessment (Pre-EIA) of the project feasibility study, “The construction of a chemical complex for the production of ammonia and urea”.

Among those who present were heads of local executive bodies of Zhambyl region, Shu district, deputies of the regional maslikhat, representatives of Public Council of Shu District, mass media and interested public.

The first speaker was the Managing Director of UCC LLP  A.A. Qulduysenov, giving the local community an complete explanation about customer and introduced key project goals and indicators. Among other things, he noted potential socio-economic benefits of the project for the region and provided information about relevant marketing research.

A more detailed the design solutions adopted representative LLP “UCC” Moldagulov A.KH. by presenting the basic technological schemes of ammonia and urea, the need of a chemical complex in the main source of raw materials, as well as volumes of production waste.

In conclusion, Chairman made public hearing, acting Akim of Shu District A. A. Balqybekova, who noted the high importance of successful implementation of the project as a growth point for the economy of Shu district and Zhambyl region as a whole, and also expressed his gratitude on behalf of the residents of the District for organized meeting and wished success in this task.

In general, public debate has caused a great interest among the audience and was held in a view of constructive dialogue.

According to the results of hearings, taking into account public opinion, it was proposed to adopt the following decision: To approve the preliminary assessment of the of environmental impact project for  feasibility study of the project “Construction of chemical complex for production of ammonia and urea”.

UCC LLP expresses its gratitude to the representatives of local community, representatives of local executive bodies, media, colleagues from MC SEZ Chemical Park Taraz Ltd JSC and Chem-Plus for their active support.