Person of the month: Aidyn Baigozhanov

Person of the month: Aidyn Baigozhanov

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Quote: “Happiness is a process, not a goal.”

Before the start of new projects, our Company conducts marketing analysis, market research, research of competitors and then the project gets a verdict whether it has a future or not. It is these issues that have been dealt with for 4 years now by Aidyn Baygozhanov – main specialist on assessment and analysis of marketing attractiveness of investment projects.

Aydın has extensive experience in various sectors of the economy, such as trade, services, construction and industry. Over the years, he has worked in a consulting company to develop investment projects and conduct marketing research for public and private companies. He was directly involved in the development of over 100 project documents and market research in various areas of business and public administration, including international programs of the UN and the World Bank.

At present, the Company analyses the state and development of markets and key trends in the chemical industry, is engaged in marketing expertise of investment projects, development of project proposals and product promotion.

Aidyn does his work professionally, it is understandable, as he has a higher education in the Russian-Dutch program Rome-B “Strategic Marketing”, State University of Management (Moscow).

Aydin and his wife are raising five children. Have fun with children, love to watch cartoons. The favorite character is Winnie the Pooh (Leonova).

A football fan, a fan of English football, personally attended the Champions League finals in Kiev in 2018 and in Madrid in 2019.

“I prefer to do in my life what I love and not what is fashionable, prestigious or proper,” says Aidyn.

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