Construction of the first integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region (Phase I – polypropylene production)

Project goal: Construction of a plant to produce 500 thousand tons of polypropylene per year.

Production capacity: 500 thousand tons of polypropylene

Place of project implementation: Atyrau region, territory of SEZ NIPT.

Feedstock: propane

Number of jobs: 500 permanent and 4000 temporary jobs

Share in the capital: UCC LLP (99%), Almex Plus (1%)

Current status and future plans: construction and installation works are underway, the project has been transferred to the trust management of NC “Kazmunaigas” JCS.

Current status:

  • Overall progress is 87.19%.
  • The status of working documentation development is 99.83%.
  • Equipment and materials delivery status is 98.52%: Placement of orders for equipment and materials is completed; 5 786 units of equipment were delivered to the construction site; 497 units of equipment were shipped from factories and are out for delivery.
  • CAW status is 59.83%: Totally, 589 units of equipment were installed.

Project goal: Construction of a polyethylene plant.

Project implementation location: Special Economic Zone “National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark” in Atyrau region.

Raw materials: gas from oil and gas fields, prepared to the required volume and quality at the Gas Separation Plant.

Share in capital:

UCC LLP (99,9%)

Polymer Production LLP -0,1%

Current status and future plans: feasibility study under development

Current status:

  • At the end of April 2020, a letter was received from the Borealis partner about its withdrawal from the Project.
  • The main contracts and obligations under the joint venture were closed till the end of 2020, confidential information of Borealis was excluded from the DFS (feasibility study), the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition provided its consent to economic concentration, and the Purchase and Sale Contract of Borealis AG’s 50.1% share in Silleno LLP was concluded.

Negotiations are being held with a Potential Partner to determine its interest in joining the project as a strategic Partner. Confidentiality Agreements have been concluded between the Potential Partner.  

Construction of infrastructure facilities on the territory of SEZ National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark (SEZ NIPT)

Project goal: To provide the participants of SEZ NIPT with the necessary infrastructure.

Production capacity:

– Gas turbine power plant 310 MW (GTPP);

– Water Treatment and Effluen Treatment Plant – 15 thousand m3/day (WT);

– 220 kV overhead power line and substation;

– Engineering networks and communications.

Share in capital:

UCC LLP (99,9%)

Polymer Production LLP -0,1%

Place of project implementation: Atyrau region, territory of SEZ NIPT, site Karabatan.

Feedstock: fuel gas, raw water

Number of jobs: about 900 during construction and 300 during operation.

Current status and future plans: GTPP is in the final stage of construction (progress – 97%), commissioning is planned for 1st quarter of 2020. GP development of the DED is being completed, works of the 0 cycle are in progress. Construction is planned to be completed in 2021. 220 kV overhead power line and substation – the facility has been put into operation. Engineering networks – design has been completed, construction works are in progress. Completion of construction is planned in 2021.

Current status:

Overall progress is 95.23%.

Under the GTPP project:

  • Currently, the PGTPP provides electric energy to its consumers as part of concluded electric energy purchase and sale agreements.

Under the WT project:

  • On the Corridor of engineering networks facility, Turn 1 (Work 1):

– CAWs are completed. When carrying out acceptance of works, comments are identified that are being eliminated by the Contractor.

  • Under the External water supply facility (Work 2):

– CAWs are completed.

  • Under the Installation of water treatment and sewage treatment facility, Turn 1 (Work 3):

– CAWs and installation of technological equipment are being carried out.

  • 100% of the main and auxiliary technological equipment of the project was delivered to the construction site; 38% was installed.

The project “Ammonia Carbamide”

Project goal: ammonia and urea production in Zhambyl oblast.

Production capacity: 886,000 tons per year

Place of project implementation: SEZ Chemical Park Taraz (40 ha)

Feedstock: natural gas in the amount of 537 million m3 / year

Jobs: during construction — 2,500, during operation — up to 350

Current status and future plans:

The agreement on joint development of the FS was signed in April, 2019 in the framework of the forum of international cooperation.

In September, 2019, as part of the VI meeting of the Kazakh-Chinese Business Council KazTransGas JSC, LLP UCC and Huajin Group signed a trilateral agreement on natural gas supplies.

In November, 2019, the FS was submitted to the State Expert Review (RSE “State Expert Review”). The joint venture will be established in the second quarter of 2020. The expected commissioning date is the fourth quarter of 2024.

In February 2020, a positive conclusion of the State Expert Review (RSE “Gosexpertiza”) on the FS of the project was received.

Project goal: Construction of the gas separation unit.

Project implementation location: special economic zone “National Industrial Petrochemical Technopark” in Atyrau region

Capacity: 1.74 million tons/year of ethane, 401 thousand tons/year of propane.

Equity interest: UCC LLP – 99.9%; Polymer Production LLP – 0.1%


Current status:

  • At the moment, FEED documentation is being developed according to the approved work schedule.
  • Field work on engineering geodesic, engineering geological, engineering ecological and engineering hydrometeorological surveys has been completed. Overall progress of the work is 92%.
  • P&ID schemes (technological schemes of pipelines and control-measuring instruments) are considered.
  • The planned completion date of FEED package development is December 2021.