Gosexpertiza RSE positive opinion on DED for Ammonia and Urea Production Project is obtained

The Head of State signed the Law on Subsurface Use, Gas and Gas Supply, where UCC LLP initiated a number of proposals.

The largest item of industrial equipment – a propane and propylene splitter column – was installed, and the installation of 4 large-sized propane storage tanks was completed under the KPI Project.

Under to the Polymer Production Project, rotogravure printing on polypropylene bags was launched

Under the GCC Project (KLPE), the feasibility study development (Pre-FEED) for the GCC Project with an increased volume of recoverable ethane was completed together with Tengizchevroil LLP.

New UCC corporate values under the ROST slogan: Development, Responsibility, Courage and Transparency, were approved.

In Akorda, between Head of the State Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan A. Mamin, Board Chairman of Samruk-Kazyna JSC A. Yesimov, and Board Chairman of Borealis Alfred Stern issues related to development of petrochemical industry and joint implementation with Borealis of project “Construction of the first integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region 2 phase (production of polyethylene)”.

– As a part of event “One belt – one way” the agreement on the joint feasibility study within framework of the project of mineral fertilizers production was signed with Chinese company Huajin Group, The project provides construction of a plant with capacity of 800 thousand tons in Kazakhstan in 2020-2023, which will further expand Kazakhstan’s export potential in markets of China and European Union.

– UCC LLP together with affiliate company Chem-Plus LLP organized an industry event to find a strategic partner for Chem-Plus LLP, with the aim of resuming implementation of “Glyphosate” and “Caustic Soda” projects in of SEZ Chemical Park Taraz territory.

– With support of China Chlorine Association and Dalian Commodity Exchange, as well as major manufacturers represented by Fujian Longyan Longhua Chemical Co., Ltd., Fujian Yuchang Chemical Co., Ltd., Fujian Fu Chemicals Co., Ltd., Xiamen Xiangyu Chemical Co., Ltd. The 22nd All China Chlor-alkali Forum was held in Xiamen.

– UCC LLP, together with Chinese partners from North Huajin Chemical Industries Group and Norinco International Cooperation Ltd. companies, chose location for project of urea production in SEZ Chemical Park Taraz.

– UCC LLP and MC SEZ Chemical Park Taraz took part in 6th meeting of Kazakhstan-China Business Council. Samruk-Kazyna JSC and International Trade Promotion Committee of PRC has organized this event.

– Triangular agreement was signed between UCC, KazTransGas JSC and North Huajing Chemical Industry Group Corporation that ensures uninterrupted supply of natural gas for project in SEZ Chemical Park Taraz territory.

– Memorandum was signed between UCC and the Ronghui Group Chinese company on “Caustic soda” project in SEZ Chemical Park Taraz territory.

– Communication was established with several manufacturers on joint implementation of Chem-Plus LLP projects.

– First meeting of working group was organized as part of work on Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with participation of representatives of Borealis company, international consultants to explain investor conditions to enter the project in developing countries and Central Asian countries.

– Within framework of Head of the State of the Republic of Kazakhstan official visit to the United Arab Emirates, a number of agreements were signed between the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Samruk-Kazyna JSC, the Partnership and Borealis regarding the joint implementation of the project “Construction of the first integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region 2 phase (polyethylene production ) “. Capacity of project is up to 1,250 thousand tons of polyethylene per year, worth about 6.5 billion US dollars.

 – Construction of KLPE LLP – integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region.

– Reconstruction of sulfuric acid plant with production capacity of 180 thousand tons per year was completed, the plant was commissioned.

– Creation of Karabatan Utility Solutions LLP.

– Reconstruction of sulfuric acid plant with capacity of 180 thousand tons per year in Akmola region, Stepnogorsk.

– Construction of integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region, 1 phase (polypropylene), 2 phase (polyethylene).

– Production of polymer products in Atyrau region has begun.

– Production of glyphosate, phosphorus trichloride, caustic soda and chlorine has begun.


– Provision of engineering services. Licenses for design of chemical plants, for implementation of design activities of category III, for design of petrochemical plants, for performance of works and services in  environmental protection sphere were obtained.

– Memorandum of Understanding and Funding of project “Construction of Integrated Gas Chemical Complex in Atyrau Region – Phase 2 (Polyethylene)” was signed with Korean export credit agencies K-SURE and K-EXIM.

– Strategy of Innovative and Technological Development of UCC LLP until 2020 was adopted.

– UCC LLP became a member of KLPE LLP, operator of the project “Construction of an Integrated Gas Chemical Complex in Atyrau Region – Phase 2 (Polyethylene)”.

– UCC LLP acquired a 51% of participation share in KPI Inc. LLP from Exploration Production KazMunayGas JSC.

– Agreement on cooperation in management of chemical technoparks in Kazakhstan was signed between UCC LLP and Jurong International Holding Pte (Singapore).

– Memorandum of scientific and technological cooperation and training of specialists for chemical production was signed with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.

– Specialized engineering company, UCC Engineering LLP was established.

– UCC LLP became a member of Polymer Production LLP, operator of polymer production project in Atyrau region.


– Chemplus LLP – an operator of projects for production of phosphorus trichloride, caustic soda, chlorine and glyphosate was established

– Establishment of Management Company SEZ Chemical Park Taraz JSC.

 – A loan agreement was signed between Development Bank of Kazakhstan JSC and Exim Bank of China on funding the first phase of integrated gas chemical complex construction project in Atyrau region.

– construction of a gas chemical complex for polymer products production.

– construction of integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region – 1 phase (polypropylene).

– Within framework of the first phase of project (polypropylene), a loan agreement on project funding was signed, design of infrastructure was completed, construction work on infrastructure and design of main technological units and on-site networks was continued, and design and estimate documentation was developed.

– Within framework of the second phase of the project (polyethylene), a strategic partner was selected – LG Chem Ltd., update of feasibility study was completed.

– A loan agreement on funding the reconstruction of a sulfuric acid plant with a production capacity of 180 thousand tons per year in Akmola Region (Stepnogorsk) was signed between JV SAP Kazatomprom LLP and Eurasian Development Bank.

– General Assembly of the European Chemical Industry Council – CEFIC, a positive decision to obtain UCC LLP the status of an associate company “CEFIC” was made.

–  Reconstruction of suspension-flotation plant for phosphorite concentrate production has begun.

Creation of United Chemical Company LLP

During performance at expanded meeting of the Government of Kazakhstan on 13th of October 2008, the President Nursultan Nazarbayev ordered “to create a special company dealing with projects in chemical industry.” Samruk-Kazyna JSC, in accordance with order from the president, created United Chemical Company, which became the leading state operator in chemical industry.

Goal: concentration of state assets in industry and stimulation of its further development.

Priority projects:

  • United Chemical Company LLP became a member of JV SAP Kazatomprom LLP.
  • Reconstruction of sulfuric acid plant with a capacity of 180 thousand tons per year;
  • Construction of integrated gas chemical complex, production of polymer products in Atyrau region;
  • Construction of SEZ Chemical Park Taraz, etc.
United Chemical Company LLP is the main operator of State program of forced industrial and innovative development in chemical industry.