United Chemical Company LLP (UCC) was established in 2009 by a decision of the Board of Directors of Samruk-Kazyna National Welfare Fund JSC dated the 28th of November 2008 in accordance with order of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan issued at an expanded meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated the 13th of October 2008 on “creating a special company dealing with projects in chemical industry.”

The sole shareholder in UCC is SWF Samruk-Kazyna JSC.

Tasks of UCC are:

  • Development and implementation of investment projects in chemical industry
  • Effective management of assets that belong to UCC on the basis of ownership or trustee.

Subjects of UCC activities are:

  • organization and conduction of research, examinations and other works necessary for implementation of investment projects in chemical industry;
  • organization and implementation of projects in subsurface use field, necessary for organization of investment projects in chemical industry;
  • participation of UCC in establishment and (or) shares acquisition (participation shares) of other legal entities for implementation of investment projects in chemical industry with possibility of subsequent disposal of UCC shares (participation shares) in such legal entity;
  • implementation of the best international practice for legal entities corporate management, more than fifty percent of voting shares (participation shares) of which UCC owns by the right of ownership or trustee in order to ensure their effective management


To promote development of new chemical production facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan by creating favorable conditions for investors and, if necessary, capital participation.


Stable and profitable company managing a portfolio of basic petrochemical projects, a competent partner with experience in complex projects implementing.

From crisis to opportunities

Chemical industry of Kazakhstan over the past 20 years has undergone various changes from a reduction of the scope of work to total stagnation, and when United Chemical Company LLP was created, the main goal was to revive entire chemical industry.

As a result, measures were taken:

  • for modernization of existing domestic chemical enterprises and organization of production of more than 20 new types of chemical products;
  • for development of competitive production facilities in chemical industry focused on production of high-tech, export-oriented and innovative products with high added value;
  • for organization of projects for production of products not previously manufactured in Kazakhstan – sodium cyanide, potassium sulfate, soda ash, polypropylene and propylene oxide, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, terephthalic acid, superplasticizing agents for concrete, oil additives, flotation agents and other products;

At the moment, United Chemical Company LLP is implementing 7 investment projects. There are production facilities that exist and are being modernized among them, also, there are completely new enterprises for Kazakhstan that will become the basis for development of the country’s chemical industry.

We are creating infrastructure and launching “anchored” chemical production, thereby creating conditions for small and medium-sized businesses so that they can organize many interconnected or related chemical plants for the processing of products of our or other companies, operating in free economic zones.

Our company is the main operator of State program for accelerated industrial and innovative development in chemical industry.

Concern of people and love of nature

We believe that by creating a solid foundation now, we provide the best prospects and bring Kazakhstan’s success closer to international chemical market.

Company employs the best industry experts and true masters of their craft. Professionals in love with their craft and capable make the most daring ideas a reality are invited to projects.

Now all the necessary conditions for efficient work in group of companies have been created. We have taken care of safety and protection of our employees, as well as environmental protection.

Responsible resource allocation is vital for our company, our employees and partners. We do not stop working on implementation of effective and rational technologies that will not harm flora and fauna of territories where our production facilities are located.