Operating results

In 2013, the main activity of the company was investing activities in which UCC has managed the following projects:

1) Reconstruction of the sulfuric acid plant with a capacity of 180 thousand tons per year in the Akmola oblast:

— construction and installation works are in progress, delivery of basic technological equipment Desmet Ballestra is completed;

— the problem of vapor disposal is resolved by the setup of an energy complex facility.

2) Construction of the integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau oblast, First phase (polypropylene)

— the access road stretching for 5.2 km is completed (State Commission signed the Act);

— work on the laying the foundation of the transformer station SS 110/35 are being finished, the portals are erected;

— the vertical layout is finished.

3) Construction of the integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau oblast, Second phase (polyethylene):

— work is in progress on debt financing from the funds of Korean (K-EXIM and K-SURE) and European (Euler Hermes, UK Export Finance) export credit agencies.

4) Production of polymer products in Atyrau oblast

— the results of the state examination for the DED are obtained;

— capacity-building of the contractor is completed: the rotational camp for 200 people is set up;

— construction work is in progress: earthworks completed; reinforced concrete piles driving; the setup of SGM is completed; setup of crushed stone base, works on concrete preparation finished;

— building materials are delivered (rebar, wire rod, circle in the bay, crushed stone, SGM, and bitumen);

— 19 vehicles are used on the site.

5) Establishment of the SEZ “Chemical Park Taraz”:

— Feasibility study of the project is finished and the assessment from the RSE “Gosexpertiza” is obtained;

— the land management projects of the main and external parts of the SEZ are developed;

— the development of DED started.

6) Production of glyphosate, phosphorus trichloride, chlorine and caustic soda:

— The legal advisor is defined. The contract is signed with Morgan Lewis;

— The contract for consulting services for project management at Stage 0 is signed with the “UCC Engineering” LLP;

— approvals from the RSE “Gosexpertiza” for the feasibility studies on “Production of caustic soda and chlorine”, “Production of phosphorus trichloride” and “Production of glyphosate” are obtained;

— preparation works for DED started, negotiations with suppliers and licensor of production technology are in progress.

7) Production of sodium cyanide:

— Negotiations are being conducted with potential licensors of the production of sodium cyanide, as well as EPC contractors.

8) Production of potassium sulfate:

— the council on the mining industry, geology, subsurface use on solid minerals under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan considered the issue “On granting rights for subsurface exploration”;

— a preliminary feasibility study of the project is developed.

9) Organization of petrochemical production based on raw materials from the Karachaganak and Kashagan deposits (third phase):

— a preliminary feasibility study is developed;

— negotiations are being conducted with suppliers of raw materials KPO B.V. and NCOC.

10) Production of butadiene and synthetic rubbers.

— negotiations are in progress for the supply of raw materials (butane);

— works on the feasibility study development are in progress.

11) Rendering of engineering services:

— a license for the design of chemical plants is obtained (Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

— a license for the implementation of project activities of category III is obtained (Ministry of Regional Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

— a license for the design of petrochemical plants is obtained (Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

— a license to perform work and services in the field of environmental protection (Ministry of Environment and Water Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan);

— 4 projects are implemented, 11 projects are in progress, while a portfolio of projects reaches 17 million dollars.

  • TOO "Karabatan Utility Solutions"
  • ТОО «KLPE» (КейЭлПиИ)
  • ТОО "Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc."
  • Polymer Production
  •  «ХИМ-плюс»
  • ТОО «СЭЗ. Химический парк Тараз»