UCC development strategy for 2017-2026

Development strategy

Development strategy of the United Chemical Company LLP (hereinafter - UCC) for 2017-2026 has been approved by the decision of the UCC Supervisory board dated February 22, 2017 (minutes of the meeting #02/17).

The mission of UCC

We are producing high-quality chemical products promoting sustainable use of natural resources and moving Kazakhstan economy to new technologies with higher added value. We are creating a new industry and value for all stakeholders.

The vision of UCC

An acknowledged leader of Kazakhstan’s chemical industry included in Top-5 of major chemical companies of the Customs Union based on sales volumes by 2026.

The principles of UCC ОХК

§ Safeguarding stakeholder interests;

§ Professionalism in work and utilizing skills for personal development, improving the efficiency of the Company and generating customer value;

§ The Company's social responsibility and environmental protection, sustainable development;

§ Legitimate business and compliance with ethical standards;

§ Respecting and creating a productive environment for employees, taking care of their health and safety;

§ Innovative activities.

Strategic development directions of UCC

§ Monetize the advantage in feedstock sourcing to build a world-class petrochemical company, generate value, ensure positive economic outcomes, strengthen the Company's brand and accumulate funds for future investments;

§ Gain experience in agricultural and specialty chemistry to unlock industries with high added value, and make the transition to a more advanced business model;

§ Develop capital construction and innovation capabilities and create a full-fledged sales and marketing network to improve the Company's performance, reduce the cost of capital construction, improve the competitiveness of future investment projects, and lay the foundation for transitioning to a more advanced business model.

Strategic objectives of UCC

Strategic objectives are clearly defined characteristics or reference points for the Company's long-term development which the Company aims to achieve and adjusts its business thereto. Long-term strategic objectives help implement the Strategy, and are linked to the Company's mission and vision, as well as the strategic development directions.

Based on UCC's strategic development directions for 2017-2026,
5 strategic objectives
have been set, divided into two types:

§ Growth objectives are aimed at the quantitative growth of the Company's key production indicators, such as capacity, entry into new markets, etc.

§ Improvement objectives are aimed at the development of the Company's capabilities, such as improving the efficiency of internal processes, management system development, etc.

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