Careers in the company

The employees is the main value

The "United Chemical Company" LLP provides its employees the great opportunities to expand their capacity and the career development. Our team is a team of professionals, which implements the strategic goal of the company – the promotion of the chemical industry development.

The willingness and capacity of the personnel to work productively, to develop, to learn of new knowledge – is the keystone of the long-term success of the "United Chemical Company" LLP. Therefore, the company attaches great importance to improving the professional level of its collective. The UCC is ready to provide the best conditions for the self-improvement and fruitful work to experienced professionals and graduates. We cooperate with the leading universities of Kazakhstan; in addition, the establishment of modern training centers is planned in Atyrau and Taraz with the technical equipment by international standards to retrain and develop skills of the production personnel.

The “United Chemical Company” LLP appreciates its own experts! Therefore, in its activities the “United Chemical Company” LLP complies with the highest international standards of social and personnel policy. We pay special attention to social support of the employees.

The staff recruitment is being implemented on permanent competitive basis. You can send us your resume, for this purpose you would need to fill in all blank fields of a special template form which will be sent to the Human Resources Department of the Company and be examined by our experts.

If there is interest in the resume, the candidate will be invited to an interview. — Human Resource Management; — Administrative Office.

Job openings

  • TOO "Karabatan Utility Solutions"
  • ТОО «KLPE» (КейЭлПиИ)
  • ТОО "Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc."
  • Polymer Production
  •  «ХИМ-плюс»
  • ТОО «СЭЗ. Химический парк Тараз»