About us

The “United Chemical Company” LLP has been established in 2009 by the decision of the Board of Directors of the"National Welfare Fund" Samruk-Kazyna" JSC as of November 28, 2008 following the request of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the enlarged meeting of the Government of the RK held on October 13, 2008 and devoted to the issue of the “establishment of a special company that will deal with projects of chemical industry.”

The initiative of the government of Kazakhstan has laid a huge responsibility on the team. The company entered the group of companies of the National Welfare Fund “Samruk-Kazyna”.


The chemical industry in Kazakhstan in more than 20 years has endured various developments ranging from the reduction of the amount of work to the complete stagnation, and therefore, when establishing the company, the revival of the industry as a whole has come as a main goal.

The Master plan of the development of priority areas of the chemical industry for 2010-2014 has been developed.

As a result:

  • the steps have been taken to modernize existing domestic chemical companies and organize the production of more than 20 new types of chemical products.
  • the development of competitive enterprises in chemical industry aimed at the production of high-end, export-oriented and innovative products with a high added value.
  • establishing projects for the release of products which have not previously been made in Kazakhstan — sodium cyanide, potassium sulfate, soda ash, polypropylene and propylene oxide, polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, terephthalic acid, superplasticizers for concrete, oil additives, flotation reagents and others.

As of today, the “United Chemical Company” LLP has been implementing 11 investment projects. They include both the productions, which had been existent previously and are being modernized now, and the enterprises which are completely new to Kazakhstan and that will form the basis for the development of the chemical industry.

We set up infrastructure and launch the “anchor” chemical productions, thereby creating conditions for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to enable them to arrange a plurality of interconnected or related chemical productions processing our products or of other companies operating in SEZ. More than 7 fields of economy will be provided with new products, including the gold mining industry, agriculture, and etc.

Our company – is the main operator of the State Program on the Accelerated Industrial and Innovative Development in the part on the chemical industry.


We believe that by creating a solid foundation now we provide the best prospects and make closer the Kazakhstan’s success in the international chemical market.

The Company employs the best industry experts and true professionals. The projects have attracted the passionate professionals wedded to their work and able to realize the most ambitious ideas.

By this moment, all the conditions have been tailored to promote the effective work in the group of companies, we have taken care of security and protection of our employees, and also of the protection of the environment.

The responsible allocation of resources is vital to our company, our personnel and partners. We continuously work on the implementation of effective and rational technologies that would not harm the flora and fauna of the areas where our production facilities are located.

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  • ТОО «KLPE» (КейЭлПиИ)
  • ТОО "Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc."
  • Polymer Production
  •  «ХИМ-плюс»
  • ТОО «СЭЗ. Химический парк Тараз»